Gianni Versace Retrospective & Abecita Museum of Modern Art

Experience iconic fashion by Versace at the internationally well known Textile Fashion Center and amazing art & photography at Abecita Museum of Modern Art,

both in the city of Borås. 

Available February 23,

March 21 & April 5.


In Borås the gorgeous Abecita museum awaits us. We’ll take part in a short introduction, after which you can enjoy their permanent and temporary exhibitions of photography & graphic art on 3 floors. 

We’ll enjoy a tasty lunch to build up new energy before heading to – the unique Gianni Versace Retrospective exhibition at the Textile Fashion Center.

The museum welcomes you to ”an emotional journey into Gianni’s world and design philosophy, which still affects the way fashion looks today.” 

We’ll first join a short introduction and then you can enjoy Versace in your own pace.

This trip's


Abecita Museum of Modern Art
Gianni Versace

Join our minibus tour for a unique and personal experience



  • Transportation in minibus

  • Visit to the Textile Fashion Centre

  • Visit to Abecita Museum of Modern Art

  • Lunch

  • Tour guide available during the entire trip


Tour Info

  • Departs 09:30

  • Returns 16:00

  • Departure and return at Scandic Crown Hotel, Polhemsplatsen 3, Gothenburg centre.
    (Other place can be arranged if agreed)

  • 6.5 hours approx.

  • Price: 740 SEK for adults (90 SEK for yrs 2-10, 290 SEK for yrs 11-15)

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Abecita Museum of Modern Art

As a visitor you encounter a museum that offers history, photography and graphic art from Europe and the US, together with Nordic textile art. The museum also exhibits a wide range of photographic art on 3 floors – 2400 m². 

The Collection.

The Collection is unique in Europe and consists of more than 500 works, representing over 50 artists from 1961 and onwards, starting with the breakthrough of pop art in the 60s and outstanding works from each decade to the present day. All the great names in modern art are hanging here, including Warhol, Rauschenberg, Bourgeois, and Hockney. 

Focus on Photography.

Apart from graphic art, the Abecita Museum of Modern Art also has a strong focus on photography. The museum presents ten to twelve different exhibitions every year of both Swedish and international photographers. 

Please read more about their present exhibitions of photography at:

Gianni Versace Retrospective

The fashion designer Gianni Versace was a true pioneer, and at the end of the twentieth century challenged the fashion industry with his trailblazing designs. 

During the 1980s and 1990s, Gianni Versace (1946–1997) became one of the central figures in the world of international fashion design. His creativity knew no borders, and he audaciously mixed fashion and art, antique and modern, male and female. He connected fashion with music, photography, and graphic design, and was at the forefront of transforming fashion shows and advertising campaigns into holistic, pop-cultural artworks.

”The Gianni Versace Retrospective exhibition includes over 70 selected men’s and women’s outfits from Gianni Versace’s glory days between 1989 and 1997, which have been lent by some of the world’s foremost collectors of his designs. The primary collector is Antonio Caravano from Italy. The exhibition has previously been shown at the Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince's Palace) in Berlin, where it was arranged by the Versace expert Karl Von Der Ahé, who is also curating the Borås exhibition in collaboration with the Textile Museum of Sweden. The exhibition is designed by Aia Jüdes.”

Textile Fashion Center

Gianni Versace Retrospective is part of a continued effort to fulfil the Textile Museum of Sweden’s vision of becoming the Nordic countries’ leading textile museum, with a focus on textile industry, fashion, design, art, and innovative textiles.

What is unique about the Textile Museum of Sweden's collections is the genuine material, which represents both Swedish and, to some extent, foreign textile and ready-made clothing companies – over 150 in total. This type of relatively simple, ready-made clothing represents something quite rare in museum collections – examples of what real people wore on an everyday basis.

If you like trying on clothes, the Textile Museum of Sweden boasts a large wardrobe. It holds clothes, shoes, hats and bags from the early 20th century up until today 

If you feel like resting, you can sit down and enjoy yourself in an environment that breathes textiles. Underneath the metal cloud you can browse fashion magazines from the 1940s up to the present day.