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Let's Tour Tjörn - enjoy food, culture

arts & crafts, seaviews

The island Tjörn is nice to visit all year round! The scenery is beautiful, the cliffs and the sea on the west coast are stunning.

The internationally well known Nordic Watercolour Museum is situated almost on the sea. At their  restaurant "Vatten" we'll have a delicious lunch. Either you visit the museum or you take a walk in the village, look at skilled arts & crafts, the port, the beach or even on the cliffs.

At Sundsby Manor we'll enjoy a cosy café, a small museum, a couple of shops selling high quality jewellery and decorations - all in charming 18th century atmosphere.

The small island called Klädesholmen is very picturesque. Why not take a stroll among the beautiful houses! We'll probably also visit a  farmshop and bakery - both unique and charming.

6 & 27 December
3 January

Double your joy - two Christmas markets

at charming manors!

In this delightful daytour we visit two truly charming Christmas markets - full of Advent & Christmas feelings, lovely flavours, scents and beauty!

In only 50 km from Gothenburg you will enjoy both Stora Holm Manor's & Tofta Manor's Christmas markets.

Our first stop will be at Tofta Manor, where the owner of the manor will give us  a presentation of the manor along with a cup of Glögg. There will be a market in and around an old grain storage, filled with local handicrafts and delicacies. You'll find lot's of tasty food in the café and at the outside grill. And - the kids can join a pony-ride!

From there you can rest a while when we take you to the lovely Stora Holm manor, which is situated close to Gothenburg.

 Also there you can enjoy a charming Christmas market - with lot's of beautiful decorations and handicraft.


Luxury Christmas Lunch 

Thorskogs Grand Manor House

Indulge in breathtaking beauty, scents and flavours!

Thorskogs Grand Manor will be delightfully Christmas decorated and you'll enjoy a delicious three course lunch - all in the much loved Christmas flavours. 

Why not try the popular Swedish drink "Glögg" today! You'll also have time to take a stroll - enjoy the exquisite interior of The Manor or maybe you prefer taking a walk in the beautiful English park.

Join our tour and don't have the discussion about who has to drive the car back!

Thorskogs Grand Manor House


- A true delight to all senses! 

PS - As Thorskogs is a very popular destination and Christmas time is a busy time - we need your reservation on December 3, at the latest. 


Exquisite Gunnebo House & unique atmosphere at Spinneriet

The Gunnebo House (in Swedish: Gunnebo Slott) is a unique destination - a "castle" very well kept since the 18th century.

You will find a shop selling Swedish handicraft and design, a cosy restaurant & café serving delicious organic food, kitchen gardens, orangerie, parks, playground and much more. Furthermore - the estate is beautifully situated next to two lakes.

Rest for a short time in our minibus while we take you to Spinneriet in Lindome, 

which is a former spinning factory from the 19th century. Today designers, photographers, interior decorators, artists and other kinds of creators make this a house full of life, amazing products and fantastic atmosphere.

If you have a "fika", like a coffebreak, at Lilla Spinneriet - we're sure you'll be amazed again - their food and pastries are truly delicious!


Cosy Christmas atmosphere in tiny village from 17th century

Imagine the Christmas atmosphere in an untouched small village with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Everything here is genuine and very well preserved. Handicrafters and foodcrafters sell their lovely produce in the small houses and at the cosy café we'll have a light lunch with Christmas tastes. 

Entering Äskhult's Hamlet is like travelling back in time - only experiencing the good parts! It's a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere here. The surroundings are beautiful and there are well marked paths if you want to take a walk. 

On our way home we'll make a stop to indulge in marsipan and chocolate confectionery at Bräutigams. They have a shop next to where their quality products are made. Time to give yourself a treat - or buy some gifts maybe!


Christmas Markets at Bohus Fortress

and Tofta Manor

In this tour we start by going to Tofta Manor. We will be greeted by the owner herself, raised on the manor. She will tell us the fascinating story of the manor, while we sip on a cup of Glögg!
Tofta arranges a wonderful oldfashioned Christmas market every year in and around an old charming grain storage called Magasinet, filled with local handicrafts and delicacies.
You will find lot's of tasty food in the café and the outside grill to choose from for lunch. In their barn you can meet several of their animals and - the kids can take a pony-ride!

After that you can rest a bit in our minibus while we take you to Bohus Fortress, an amazing fortress with origins in the 14th century. In the fortress' yard there will be a choir singing Christmas carols, handicrafters - and Father Christmas has promised to make a stop here too ...


Tjolöholm's Castle - a perfect place to visit  when on holiday

The whole estate sparkles with festive lights and beautiful decorations. Several Christmas trees light up the fascinating arts & crafts castle.

Please note - These are the last days to experience the well known exhibition Bohemian Luxury - Liberty Style, as Tjolöholm will change into a new theme next year.

This year the castle has in cooperation with The Fashion & Textile Museum and Liberty in London set up the exhibition Bohemian Luxury. ​When Tjolöholms Castle was built a big part of the interior came from fashionable Liberty shop in London.

If you bring kids - you can be sure they'll love the large indoors play-area "Emil". A delicious organic lunch at the restaurant Storstugan is included in the price as well as a guided tour of the castle. 

On December 28 there is a huge indoors "flea market", in Swedish a "loppis".

Try the Swedish gingerbreads and the dring Glögg that will be free to taste!

28 & 30

Customize your own unique tour

- we'll gladly assist you

Are you an association, family, colleagues or friends that would like a unique day together? 

Times, destinations, meals - we plan and book everything according to your wishes!

We can of course also adjust a planned tour to what suits you. Maybe you're travelling on your own, contact us - we'll assist you.

Would  you like an activity for part of the day?

Try silver-smithing or pottery? Or take the chance to enjoy the amazing scenery in Sweden by some outdoor acitivity? In summertime we can arrange an exciting bee-safari at a beefarm.

The west coast is internationally known for it's amazing archipelago. You can experience it with a guided kayaktour or maybe a sealsafari? 

To some of you a beer tasting by the quay side opposite Marstrand might be tempting?

Please contact us and we will gladly give you suggestions!

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