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We love to create good memories, toghether with our customers. Unique Visit takes you by minibus to amazing manors, castles, exhibitions, cafés, gardens, arts & crafts - and food artisans that are located in the regions surrounding Gothenburg. Or as we locals say; Göteborg. 

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”Dresses & decadence – The stylish 1920s”

Travel back 100 years! 

You will have a taste of glamor, fashion and the life at Tjolöholm Castle during the 1920s in the tour Dresses & Decadence. 

Or you can choose the Classic Tour telling the fascinating story of the castle.


We will enjoy a delicious lunch at the cosy restaurant Storstugan.

You can choose pickup in Kungsbacka if

you prefer.

PS - För svenskspråkiga barn kan man köpa till en dramatiserad visning av slottet 19/4 och 3/5. 

March: 8, 14 & 22
April: 19

May: 3 & 24


We will meet in the centre of Gothenburg and travel to Tjolöholm Castle which was built between 1898 and 1904 and is said to be one of Sweden’s most amazing buildings.  

You can choose between a tour with focus on the 1920's exhibition or a classic tour with focus on the history and interior of the castle. 


During the 1920s the silent movie and Hollywood movie stars enchanted their audience, the radio got its breakthrough, cars and traveling became more popular. Clothing from the 1920s reflects major social changes. Women dress less restrictive with looser clothing and shorter hemline. Men and women start to wear athletic clothing which became a part of mainstream fashion for the first time. 

The costumes included in this years’s exhibition come from one of Europe’s foremost private vintage collections.

The former Village Hall, Storstugan, was built in the workers village as a place for the estate’s employees to meet. It has been renovated into a charming restaurant where we’ll have a tasty lunch made from the best locally sourced ingredients. 

On our way back to Gothenburg we will make a stop at Bräutigams, which is a confectionery founded in Gothenburg 1870!

Please note - When you book your ticket, please inform us if you wish to book a Classic tour of the castle instead of the one focusing on the 1920s exhibition. The classic tour has more focus on the history and interior of the castle.

Pickup in Kungsbacka is included if you prefer.

PS – during spring the tours are held in Swedish but room descriptions in English, French or German are available. The guide can of course always answer questions in English along the tour. 

This trip's


Tjolöholm Castle
Bräutigams Marsipan & Confectionary

Join our minibus tour for a unique and personal experience


  • Transportation in minibus

  • Pickup/Dropoff in Göteborg / Kungsbacka

  • Lunch at the charming restaurant Storstugan

  • Guided tour 

  • Lunch

  • Visit to Bräutigams 

  • Tour guide available during the entire trip

Tour Info

  • Departs 9:30

  • Returns 15:45

  • Departure and return at Scandic Crown Hotel, Polhemsplatsen 3, Gothenburg centre.
    (Other place can be arranged and is included)

  • Price: 680 SEK for adults 

  • 0-4 years 90 SEK, 5-10 years 150 SEK (child portion), 11-15 years 250 SEK.

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Tjolöholm Castle with ”Dresses & decadence"
Tjolöholm Decadence with ”Dresses & decadence"
Tjolöholm Castle with ”Dresses & decadence"
Tjolöholm Castle with ”Dresses & decadence"
”Dresses & decadence – The stylish 1920s”
Tjolöholm Castle with ”Dresses & decadence"