Most of us are concerned about the development in our world, regarding environmental health hazard, the extinction of animals and plants, the condition of our beautiful nature and what kind of world we will leave behind to our children and coming generations.

However we can nowadays see positive signs of awareness and developments in some regards, as new regulations and inventions of new techniques. Not to mention the amazing movement Greta has started!

We believe that our tours in our beautiful region can contribute to increased knowledge about and interest in our history and heritage, our fantastic nature and the importance of locally and organically produced food, products of all kinds and of course appreciation of handicrafts. 

And by going together on tour - instead of in several cars, we have  more fun and we are a bit more environmentally friendly.

We have chosen destinations that mainly use/sell organically and locally produced products or companies being aware of the problems and striving for sustainability.

We have chosen to support these three organizations, of all the organizations doing a fantastic work every day. Please read more about:


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