Tjolöholms Castle has opened up with exhibition - "Dresses & Decadence - The stylish 1920's"

So happy to offer tours to Tjolöholm Castle again! The castle, the estate, the nature & their annual exhibitions always meet with our expectations. Truly a perfect destination for excursions - for all ages. Tjolöholm Castle is Sweden’s leading Arts and Crafts property. Built between 1898 and 1904 , the castle is a bastion of faithfulness to traditional methods of manufacturing. In 2020 we take a step back 100 years to the stylish 1920s. This year’s exhibition offers a taste of glamor, fashion and the life at Tjolöholms castle during the 1920s.

Tjolöholm Slott with 2020 exhibition "Dresses & Decadence". Photo: Tjolöholms Slott