Thanks to customers & destinations for making "Tour Tjörn" perfect!

SVE: Vår senaste Tour Tjörn blev en helt underbar dag! Tack till dessa härliga amerikanska kunder och de besöksmål vi stannade hos. Nya turer till Tjörn 3 maj & 19 maj. ENG: Our latest Tour Tjörn was a wonderful experience - thanks to these amazing American customers and the destinations we visited on Tjörn. New tours to Tjörn May 3 & 19.

Dan and Jim visiting Lottas Bak & Form in Bleket, Tjörn.

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You will enjoy comfortable, fun & interesting excursions when joining our bustours. Unique Visit takes you by minibus to amazing manors, castles, exhibitions, charming cafés, restaurants, gardens, arts & crafts and food artisans that have sustainability in focus and are located in West Sweden.  



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