Islands & Villages

Discover the beautiful islands and villages located along the westcoast in south Bohuslän.


The island Dyrön

- Tjörn

There are several well marked paths on Dyrön. The scenery is irresistibly beautiful and constantly changing.


From the highest view points you can see the picturesque small island Åstol and as far as the island Marstrand with Carlstens Fortress. On Dyrön you will find for example two ports, café, a well known silversmith/jewellry designer, a gallery and two restaurants.


Marstrand -


Marstrand was founded in the beginning of the 13th century! The island offers historic sights, shopping, culture, cafées, arts & crafts, bars, restaurants - and of course, in summer, a flourishing marina with beautiful boats of all sizes.There are also several paths on the island, of different lengths, with breathtaking views over the sea!


The most famous spot on Marstrand is probably Carlstens Fortress which also gives Marstrand it's famous silhouette. 


Skärhamn -


In the central town of Tjörn community, you will find a thriving harbour, for both fishing vessels and private boats of all kinds. Here are several shops tempting you with arts & crafts, interior decorations and clothing. And of course real nice restaurants and cafés. 

Skärhamn has 3500 inhabitants, but in summer the population doubles as there are many tourists and summerguests who love the islands in the west coast archipelago. 


Gullholmen & Härmanö, vid Orust

Gullholmen is the island in the Swedish archipelago which the most densely built. The atmosphere here is cosy and genuine. Much of the old caracteristics is preserved with fishing huts in the hamlet. In summertime many boats spend some nights in the so much loved port. 

Only a few steps away is the island Härmano with a well known nature reserve with incredible beauty.


Mollösund -


Mollösund is a beautiful genuine fishing-hamlet on the southwest coast of the island Orust. In summertime one can enjoy the sight of thousands of boats passing by in the passage between the island Mollön and the village.


Tjörn - Nordväst om Göteborg

TheTjörn community consists of more than 1500 smaller islands and islets. The inhabitants are approx. 16000 - during summer the population doubles as thousands of people flock to the west coast of Sweden!

In central town Skärhamn you will find the famous Nordic Watercolour Museum, a lively port, arts & crafts, restaurants and cafés.Tjörn is also known for their bath areas, Pilane Sculpture Park, Sundsby Manor, beautiful scenery and fishing villages. 


Klädesholmen -

vid Tjörn

Klädesholmen was inhabited already in the 13th century. When a Norwegian bishop passed the island Klädesholmen, he already at hat time described it as "an old fishing village"! 

Klädesholmen is a relaxed little island that is connected to Tjörn with a bridge.There are several real nice spots to take a swim from, amazing views over the sea, a couple of charming restaurants, narrow streets and beautiful caracteristic wooden houses. 


Orust - Nordväst om Göteborg

Orust is the fourth largest island in Sweden and has approx. 15 000 inhabitants. In summertime the population doubles, as the owners of summerhouses and tourists head for the west coast of Sweden.

Orust is known for their building of boats, farming and fishing. The island has much to offer; genuine fishing villages, lovely bath areas, producers of handicraft and organic food of many kinds. The scenery is beautiful and vary from sea and cliffs to forest and lakes.


Åstol -

vid Tjörn

Åstol is a small unique "rock-island", much loved and talked about,

situated off the southwest coast of Tjörn - not far from the even more famous island Marstrand. There are no cars on the tranquil island and the houses are built closely together. The island has been inhabited since the 18th century, at which time the fishing of herring was flourishing. There are of course plenty of opportunities to take a swim from the beautiful cliffs.