Enjoy art by Lars Lerin & Charming Manor

Book a fantastic minitour on your weekend – a tour to an exhibition of watercolour paintings by famous artist Lars Lerin & lunch at charming Sundsby Manor on the island of Tjörn.

Available: Jan 19, Feb 8 & Mar 15


We are pleased to offer you this tour to Stenungsund, where Scandinavia’s most well known artist in watercolour paintings, Lars Lerin, shows some of his art in a temporary exhibition.


The exhibition shows several paintings that has never been shown before. We believe you will have a fantastic art experience as Lars’ art is truly impressive and very appreciated by many.


After having enjoyed the fascinating art, we’ll continue enjoying ourselves! This time by having a tasty lunch at the charming Sundsby Manor. It’s a picturesque destination in beautiful scenery with oldfashioned café & restaurant and a small museum telling the story of Margareta Huitfeldt who owned Sundsby Manor and … 600 more farms in the county!

This trip's


Lars Lerin Exhibition
Sundsby Manor

Join our minibus tour for a unique and personal experience

Photo: Christian Wiedel


  • Transportation

  • Visit to Lars Lerin's exhibition

  • Lunch at Sundsby Manor

  • Coffe and cookies after lunch at Sundsby Manor

  • Tour guide available during the entire trip

Tour Info

  • Departs 10:30

  • Returns 15:30

  • Departs and returns at Scandic Crown Hotel, Polhemsplatsen 3, Gothenburg centre.

  • Approx 5 hours 

  • Price 560 SEK
    (90 SEK yrs 0-6 & 160 SEK yrs 7-12)

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Lars Lerin

Lars Lerin has chosen to show his art in Stenugsund mainly thanks to his admiration for artist Ragnar Sandberg who’s paintings show a lot from this area in Bohuslän. Lars’ mother lived in Bohuslän, the west coast of Sweden, and he has told that he spent the best parts of his life here – his childhood. 


Lars Lerin was born in 1954 in the county Värmland in Sweden, about 300 km north of Gothenburg, and that is also where he now again lives with his family. He has had exhibitions on his own and with other artists in various art-halls and museums in Scandinavia, Germany, France and in the USA. Lars is also an awarded author and a very much loved TV-personality in Sweden.

More about Lars Lerin:


Sundsby Manor

The name Sundsby was mentioned in writings as early as the year 1388! 


In the main building, dated1787, is a cosy café and restaurant serving tasty food and pastry. In one of the wings is a small museum telling the story of Margareta Huitfeldt, the famous owner of the manor - also known as "The queen of Bohuslän".


On the estate you’ll also find Silver Wijk Jewellery. Sundsby’s own shop selling decorations as well as homebaked bread and lovely kitchen gardens. In the nearby naturereserve there are beautiful walking trails.

More about Sundsby Manor: