Cosy Christmas atmosphere in tiny unique village from 17th century!

Imagine the Christmas atmosphere in an untouched small village with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. Everything here is genuine and very well preserved. Handicrafters and foodcrafters sell their lovely produce in the small houses and at the cosy café we'll have a light lunch with Christmas tastes. 

Entering Äskhult's Hamlet is like travelling back in time - only experiencing the good parts! It's a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere here. The surroundings are beautiful and there are well marked paths if you want to take a walk. 

On our way home we'll make a stop to indulge in marsipan and chocolate confectionery at Bräutigams. They have a shop next to where their quality products are made. Time to give yourself a treat - or buy some gifts maybe!


Saturday December 7, 2019.

Äskhults Hamlet, in Swedish Äskhults By, is so well preserved and cute. A Christmas market here is truly oldfashioned in the best of ways.


It's an untouched small village with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are several findings telling us that people have lived here in several thousands of years! The four farms are not painted at all and shimmer in beautiful silver grey shades. 

When land consolidation was done, these houses were not separated -which is unique in Sweden.


In the cosy "Bengt's coffeecottage" we will enjoy a light lunch - with classic Swedish Christmas tastes. 

Photo: G. Assner

Äskhults Hamlet 

Bräutigams Marsipan & Confectionery

Bräutigams is a confectionery that was started in Gothenburg 1870 by Mr Emil Bräutigam. It was moved to the absolute city centre along with a patisserie and was a famous meeting point for the society during the 20th century.

Nowadays Bräutigams run two shops. They opened their first shop in the village Fjärås, next to where the confectionery is produced, where it still remains - and that's the one we'll visit.

The other shop is in a cosy old part of Gothenburg called Haga, where the company once started 140 years ago!

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Adults: 500 SEK


0-2 years 60 SEK

3-10 years 140 SEK

11-15 years 240 SEK


Entrance fee to, and lunch at, Äskhult's Christmas Market and a visit to Bräutigams Confectionery.


Saturday December 7, 2019

Depart Göteborg: 10.30

Return Göteborg: 16.00

Pickup at Scandic Crown Hotel, Polhemsplatsen 3 in Gothenburg centre.

Or at other place if agreed!

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