Daytour to 3 lovely islands - 

including lunch with spectacular view

Daytour to 3 gordious islands on the famous west coast of Sweden


During the day we'll have a delicious lunch on island Lyr, at restaurant Bryggvingen - with astonishing view!

On our way to Lyr we'll enjoy the cosy café at Sundsby Manor on island Tjörn and on our way back from Lyr we'll pay Tavlebord's Honeyfarm a visit. They have a café with yummy products made in their own bakery and in their shop they offer many different kinds of organic products all made of honey.

Saturday October 26, 2019

Restaurant Bryggvingen

From restaurant Bryggvingen you'll have an extraordinary view over the west coast with it's unique cliffs and the fresh salty sea. No other buildings in sight!


Bryggvingen is situated on the small island Lyr just outside the bigger island Orust. We'll take a ferry for only a few minutes. 

At Bryggvingen there is also a shop selling fish and shellfish - as fresh as it can be as the fishing boats dock at the quay just outside the window.

Tavlebord's Honeyfarm & Markethall

Tavlebord's Honeyfarm was the first to have a café to be "eco-certified" on Orust.  Everything in the café is baked in their own bakery at the farm. The café is mentioned in "The White Guide".

In the farmshop you can find health products, gifts, candy, chocolate - and much more! They also sell some plants, flowers and seeds.

The beefarm has an interesting exhibition about bees and there fascinating lives, as well as a hive behind glass where you can have a closer look at these for us all so very important insects! 

The popular Tavlebords Lanthandel which perhaps could be called a markethall, is a neighbour to the honeyfarm.

Local producers and artisans sell their items here. The variety of things to buy here is large. They offer tasty food, clothing, ceramics, jewelry, vegetables, lambskins, candles, herbes, toys ... and much more!

Sundsby Manor on Tjörn

The name Sundsby was mentioned in writings dated 1388! 


In todays main building, which was built in 1787, is a cosy old fashioned café and restaurant. In one of the wings is a small museum telling the story of Mrs Margareta Huitfeldt, the famous owner of the manor also known as "The queen of Bohuslän", as she eventually owned huge areas of land and hundreds of farms along the coast in western Sweden.

Margareta Huitfeldt made the biggest donation ever in Swedish history, even bigger than the Nobel donation. Her donation was among other purposes used to setting up the high school Hvitfeldtska in Göteborg, according to her wish. 

You will find charming shops selling arts & crafts, a bakery and lovely kitchen gardens. In the nearby naturereserve there are beautiful walking trails.

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Adults: 680 kr

11-15 years: 440 kr

3-10 years: 240 kr

0-2 years: 60 kr


Visit to Sundsby Manor with fika (i e sandwich/bun and cookie with coffee or tea, lunch at restaurant Bryggvingen and visit to Tavlebord's Honeyfarm and Markethall.


Date: Saturday October 26, 2019

Departure Göteborg: 10.00

Return Göteborg: 17.30

Pickup at Hotel Scandic Crown,

Polhemsplatsen 3, in Gothenburg centre.

Or if other place has been agreed!

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