About Unique Visit

We offer minitours by minibus to fantastic, interesting and cosy destinations like castles, manors, exhibitions, cafés, gardens, arts & crafts, lovely islands on the west coast and unique local food manufacturers -

all in areas surrounding Göteborg.   

Our destinations are always adjusted to season and holidays - and of course to new ideas. We would also like to hear your ideas and suggestions. Maybe you want us to customize your own unique tour?  

Our customers are private tourists and visitors to Gothenburg from other reasons like conferences, courses or maybe studies. We believe that all kinds of visitors to, or inhabitants in, Gothenburg might find it relaxing, inspirering and interesting to join our well planned tours which usually include lunch, "fika" (i e coffe breaks) and possible fees for entrance or guides.

On our website we will continously present preplanned tours and information about our tours. The tours are bookable online and can be paid for in advance or at the pick up place. (Please read more under "How we travel").


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Looking forward to meeting you - Together we create memories

Unique Visit - West Sweden

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About me

My name is Birgitta, I own and run Unique Visit. I have worked in several different lines of work, in different positions. In the early 1990's I studied behavioural science and HR at Gothenburg University.

Inside me the dream of starting my own business has always lived. And finally, last autumn I made the dream come alive!

I have always loved travelling, short and long distances, seeing and experiencing new places. Being a tourist gives me great pleasure! To me the planning of a holiday has been a part of the fun. As being an organizer of tours I get to plan and participate in tours - and meeting my customers - that is in my opinion a perfect way of working!

Inspite of having such different kinds of work earlier, I have always in one way or the other had customers. Giving service to my customers makes my day fun, exciting and gives me real pleasure. I might add that I am an experienced driver and I do also have a taxi drivers license!

Unique Visit is attentive to you as a cutomer and we would like to give you the best possible service. All feedback, questions and suggestions are most welcome - through them Unique Visit can develop and improve.

Welcome to travel with Unique Visit!

Birgitta Björkman Falk

About Unique Visit
- West Sweden
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We love to create good memories, toghether with our customers. Unique Visit takes you by minibus to amazing manors, castles, exhibitions, cafés, gardens, arts & crafts -

and food artisans that are located in the regions surrounding Gothenburg. Or as we locals say; Göteborg. 

+46 (0)31-363 65 15

Göteborg - Sweden


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