The Tour

Here you will find information about how we travel and what to think about before and during the tour. 

How do we travel?

We meet a few minutes ​before departure in the centre of Gothenburg. The exact pickup place will be stated on the confirmation of your booking, as we might have to change according to traffic situations.

Do you wish us to pick you up at an other place or at the hotel? We can almost always arrange that, just get in touch with us as soon as you know.

(Borås Resecentrum and Landvetter Airport is also possible alternatives.)

Even though our landscape is very beautiful, we want to avoid spending too much time in the bus. There is so much to experience outside the van! That is why we rarely drive more than 100 km one way and usually much shorter than that. 

Our van is new, fresh, safe, well equipped and seats 8 passengers. In Sweden it is illegal to ride in a car without using a seatbelt and of course all seats have modern seatbelts. 

Kids must ride in a children fitted car seat and if you don't bring your own, we usually have a couple to lend you - please book in advance. Do not forget to tell us the kids' weight when booking them!

Your tour leader and driver is an experienced driver since many years and she also has a taxi driver's licence. 

Before the tour

  • We meet a few minutes before our departure, which gives us time for some information, to answer questions and some passengers might have chosen to wait with payment until now.

  • We would like to remind you to use clothing suited to the weather. Several of our destinations offer fantastic walking paths as well. We could be surprised with some wind, rain, snow or hopefully sunshine! 

  • We would also like to remind you to inform us before the tour about allergies you might have.

  • You can always, in addition to a purse or backpack etc, bring another bag such as a weekend bag or sports bag. In case you need to bring more luggage just let us know beforehand and we will most likely be able to arrange for that as well. 

  • Please note that we offer very reduced prices for children, usually: 
    Age 0-2: years 50 kr, 3-10 years: 300 kr and 11-15 years: 400 kr.

During the tour

  • In the lunches that are included in the tours, coffee/tea is also usually included, but other beverages are probably not. Most restaurants we visit also offer beer or wine if you prefer that. When coffee break, "fika", is included it is usually a sandwich or cinnamon bun/cake. It is always possible to get coffee/tea/soda also.

  • Please note that our stated times for arrival back in Göteborg could be altered due to for example traffic situations or weather conditions. 

  • Our van is new, fresh, and comfortable and seats 8 passengers. It is of course forbidden to smoke in and just outside the van as it could be displeasing for the other passengers. 

We want to give you the best possible service!

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, requests or feedback.

About Unique Visit
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We love to create good memories, toghether with our customers. Unique Visit takes you by minibus to amazing manors, castles, exhibitions, cafés, gardens, arts & crafts -

and food artisans that are located in the regions surrounding Göteborg. 

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