Historical sites

Here you will find the destinations that have most of their focus on, or are situated in buildings, showing some of Sweden's fascinating history. 


Thorskogs Slott

- Västerlanda

The House of Thorskog was built in 1892 by the owner of the nearby shipyard, Mr Petter Larsson. He started his business in 1865 and it became a very successful company. 

Thorskog arranges conferences, parties, weddings, dinners ... all with supreme quality and top class service.


A visit to The House of Thorskog is a true delight to all senses! 


Gunnebo House & Gardens - Mölndal

One of Sweden's most well kept 18th century establishments. The castle was built as a summer villa by one of the wealthiest men in the country.

You will find gardens, parks and paths, a small farm, a shop selling high quality gifts and souvenirs, a restaurant and café - serving delicious organic food.

The most known project now is the building of the conservatory, in the accordance with old craftmanship.


Lödöse Museum

When travelling along the Göta River to The Lödöse Museum one can truly feel the echoes of history!


It is hard to understand that in the medeival times one of Sweden's largest cities was situated here, an important trade and shipping city - and the predecessor of Göteborg.

Today here is a modern museum with interesting archeological findings and all the information one can wish for. 

Flygbild på Nääs.png

Nääs Slott med omgivning - Lerum

Nääs Castle has probably the most complete 19th century interior - which has not been altered at all. One can trace the owners of the castle all the way back to the 16th century. The oldest parts of the present castle is from the 17th century.

Next to the castle there is a park, a café and restaurant. On the estate is a naturereserve, a nice small beach and several unique beautiful houses. In one of them, you will find the gallery, café and shop Nääs Arts & Crafts. 


Sundsby Säteri - Tjörn

The name Sundsby was mentioned in writings dated to1388! In todays main building, which was built in 1787, is a cosy old fashioned café and restaurant. 

In one of the wings is a small museum telling the story of Margareta Huitfeldt,

the famous owner of the manor also known as "The queen of Bohuslän".

You will find charming shops selling arts & crafts, a bakery and lovely kitchen gardens. In the nearby naturereserve there are beautiful walking trails..


Tjörn - Nordväst om Göteborg

Tjörns kommun omfattar även mer än 1 500 mindre öar, holmar och skär. På Tjörn bor cirka 16 000 personer året runt, men sommartid dubbleras befolkningen. Huvudorten Skärhamn kanske mest känd för Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, har livlig hamn, butiker och hantverk. Förutom fiskebyar och härliga bad är Pilane Skulpturpark och Sundsby Säteri mycket omtyckta resmål på Tjörn.

kba-15-2859-a-foto-g-assner (1).jpg

Äskhults By - Kungsbacka

An untouched small village with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are several findings telling us that people have lived here in several thousands of years! The four farms are not painted at all and shimmer in beautiful silver grey shades. 

When land consolidation was done, these houses were not separated -which is unique in Sweden. In "Bengt's coffeecottage" you can enjoy very tasty cakes, cookies and sandwiches.


Bohus Fortress

- Kungälv

Kings, queens, knights, prisoners, nobless, "witches", soldiers, laborers and maids - they have all lived in the mighty Bohus Fortress.

The Bohus Fortress was built in 1308 and 14 times enemies have tried to besiege it  – a nordic record – but the fortress has never been conquered by violence.


Hofsnäs Herrgård - Borås

The manor is situated in a beautiful nature reserve, next to a lake. The first mention of Hofsnäs Manor is dated  back to 1488!

On the estate one can find, a café bistro, there is a beach, grazing cattle and severatl paths.

But the main attractions apart from the manor is the absolute charming "Lilla Saluhallen, a small marketplace in an old barn and "Gammelgården" where artists offer their beautiful works. 

Marstrand Sommar.se.jpg

Marstrand - Kungälv

Marstrand was founded in the beginning of the 13th century! The island offers historic sights, shopping, culture, cafées, arts & crafts, bars, restaurants - and of course, in summer, a flourishing marina with beautiful boats of all sizes.There are also several paths on the island, of different lengths, with breathtaking views over the sea!


The most famous spot on Marstrand is probably Carlstens Fortress which also gives Marstrand it's famous silhouette. 


Pilane Skulpturpark & Gravfält - Tjörn

Nominated as one of Europe’s 10 best sculpture parks! Around the grave field, a sculpture exhibition has been displaying art works by leading artists from round the globe since 2007. There are new works of art each summer. There are sheeps grazing among the sculptures and there are no trails.

4500 years old traces of settlement have been found here. You can still see parts of graves and the stone circles known as “judges’ rings”. They are dated to 500 years B.C.


Surte Glasbruksmuseum

Konstnärer och hantverkare har lyckats återskapa miljöer både från bruket och från det samhälle som var så intimt förknippat med glastillverkningen. Här kan du uppleva svensk industrihistoria och bruksmiljö. 

Här finns även ett litet kafé, museishop och utställningshall med tillfälliga utställningar.


Tofta Herrgård, Magasinet - Kungälv

Wonderful café and shop in the old grain storage on the estate of Tofta Manor. You will find lot's of  arts & crafts and other locally produced articles. The history of Tofta Manor goes all the way back to the 15th century. 

The manor is beautifully situated, surrounded by meadows with grazing cattle, a short walk from the coast. In the garden there is plenty of space for relaxation and playing kids.


Carlsten's Fortress - Marstrand

When peace was agreed upon in 1658, the area Bohuslän became Swedish. Marstrand had at that time been an important place for commerce since long.

To be able to defend Marstrand king Carl X Gustav arranged so that a fortress was built on the highest point of the island and in 1860 it was ready. 


Jonsereds Trädgårdar - Partille

The garden is a free interpretation of the 19th century garden that was once situated here next to the Jonsered's Manor. The garden has four quarters with different themes and plantations.

The manor is beautifully situated next to the lake Aspen. 

2015 Jonsered's Gardens won the award "Sweden's most inspiring park", in the category newly founded parks and gardens. 


Nääs Fabriker - Lerum

The spinning machine and the mechanical looms were just invented when Mr Peter Wilhelm Berg in the year of 1833 started the Cotton Spinning factory. For more than 130 years the family successfully expanded and improved the factory.

Today you can enjoy several shops offering high quality products such as fashion, interior design, jewellry, delicacies and exhibitions. Of course there is also a cosy café!


Spinneriet i Lindome

Spinneriet is a historic building, a former spinning factory from 19th century.

Today designers, photographers, interior decorators, bloggers and other kinds of creators make this a house full of fantastic atmosphere.

You will find inspiration and the shops offer unique design, fashion, interior decorations, arts & crafts - and much more! The restaurant called Lilla Spinneriet is well known for it's delicious food.

170808-WR_Tjoloholm Augusti-2399.jpg

Tjolöholms Slott - Kungsbacka

The building of the castle was completed in 1904 and it's the premiere Arts & Crafts establishment in Scandinavia. Meaning a sincere love for high quality materials and crafts.

The castle is beautifully situated close to the sea and a nature reserve. And has it's own beach (feel free to take a swim!) On the premises you will also find a small church and museums.

Furthermore, the shop offers beautiful gifts, souvenirs and confectionery.


Torpa Stenhus - Sydost om Borås

This is where the famous Swedish king Gustav Vasa in the 16th century first met the 16 year old Miss Stenbock, who became his third and last wife!

Torpa Stenhus is a private owned estate, beautifully situated at the southern shore of Lake Åsunden. The first part of the castle was built around 1470.  With its unique architecture and beautiful interiors Torpa Stenhus counts among the best preserved medieval castles of the nation.