Farm shops & Local produce

Here you will find the destinations which offer products produced by themselves, most times organically, or  products produced locally. Some sell foodcraft and some sell handicraft.


Moriks Fårgård -


Moriks Sheepfarm is like an oasis with happily grazing sheeps, a cock and his hens strolling in the yard while the dog watches them all - with a view over the meadows and in the distance the lovely sea.


The farm, that is situated on the southwest coast of Tjörn, has recently opened a very cosy farmshop. They offer for example beautiful handicrafts, locally produced delicacies, lambskins


Gunnebo Slott & Trädgårdar - Mölndal

One of Sweden's most well kept 18th century establishments. The castle was built as a summer villa by one of the wealthiest men in the country.

You will find gardens, parks and paths, a small farm, a shop selling high quality gifts and souvenirs, a restaurant and café - serving delicious organic food.

The most known project now is the building of the conservatory, in the accordance with old craftmanship.


Håvs Lamm & Delikatess - Orust

On this farm the sheeps and lambs are grazing freely on the meadows.


In the shop they sell meat from lamb, beef, game, charcuteries, organic delicacies such as cheeses, jam and chutney. They also offer flour, rapeseed oil and grits. 

Håvs has their own smokehouse. Their charcuteries have been awarded several times!


Lilla Spinneriet


Lilla Spinneriet (which means Little Spinning factory) is a very much liked restaurant. In a beautiful and cosy environment they offer innovativ, healthy, delicious  and beautifully decorated food in the restaurant, café, bakery and shop. 

They focus on the vegetables in season and as good as always use organic products. 


Orust - Nordväst om Göteborg

Orust is the fourth largest island in Sweden and has approx. 15 000 inhabitants. In summertime the population doubles, as the owners of summerhouses and tourists head for the west coast of Sweden.

Orust is known for their building of boats, farming and fishing. The island has much to offer; genuine fishing villages, lovely bath areas, producers of handicraft and organic food of many kinds. The scenery is beautiful and vary from sea and cliffs to forest and lakes.


Tavlebords Honungsgård - Orust

This was the first café on Orust to be "eco-certified"!  Everything in the café is baked in their own bakery at the farm. The café is mentioned in "The White Guide". In the farmshop you can find health products, gifts, candy, chocolate - and much more!

The beefarm has an interesting exhibition about bees and there fascinating lives, as well as a hive behind glass where you can have a closer look at these for us all so very important insects! 


Tjörn - Nordväst om Göteborg

TheTjörn community consists of more than 1500 smaller islands and islets. The inhabitants are approx. 16000 - during summer the population doubles as thousands of people flock to the west coast of Sweden!

In central town Skärhamn you will find the famous Nordic Watercolour Museum, a lively port, arts & crafts, restaurants and cafés.Tjörn is also known for their bath areas, Pilane Sculpture Park, Sundsby Manor, beautiful scenery and fishing villages. 


Zanzibar Café & Rökeri - Tjuvkil

Such an invigorating mix of café, smokery, farmshop - and exhibition of photographs by the owner and proffessional photographer Annelie Utter. The atmosphere is laid back - with influences from Africa.

In the yard lot's of hens, chickens and ducks are strolling around. Zanzibar has an old fashioned smokery, famous for their delicious salmon, smoked shrimps  and homemaid aioli and sauce of cloudberries.


Bearded Rabbit

Brewery - Lerum

Bearded Rabbit built their own brewery and brewerypub during autumn 2018, in the price awarded food destination Garveriet - which is a former tanning factory.

Garveriet is a charming interesting destination focusing on high quality sustainable locally produced food. 

The brewery is now tested and ready to produce their much loved beers.  The première brewing was done the day before new years eve. 


Hamra Gård - Kungsbacka

The first HamraGård was situated on this estate in the 17th century. The animals are raised with much love here! The farm sell lamb- and pork meat, charcuteries and some real tasty homemade accessories.

Of course the farm also sells beautiful lambskins, yarn, woolen products.


You will also find beautiful craft and other local products such as flour, juices, herbals, chutneys, bread and cookies. .


Inlands Bryggeri


Inland is the name of the region that once covered all of south Bohuslän. A landscape filled with beautiful scenery, farming areas and a thriving archipelago. 

The very interesting history in the area inspires the brewery when producing the beer. The bottles tell about exciting stories, events and people of passed times.


Manu Factus Ullförädling - Orust

Beautifully situated 3 m from the sea in former Allmags Shipyard, we will find Manu Factus. In the workshop they process high quality Swedish wool, with much respect for the environment.


They have a 6 tons heavy carding machine in their workshop.

The shop offers wool in various colours and qualities, packages of material and handcrafted woolen products.


Skärhamn - Tjörn

In the central town of Tjörn community, you will find a thriving harbour, for both fishing vessels and private boats of all kinds. Here are several shops tempting you with arts & crafts, interior decorations and clothing. And of course real nice restaurants and cafés. 

Skärhamn has 3500 inhabitants, but in summer the population doubles as there are many tourists and summerguests who love the islands in the west coast archipelago. 


Tavlebords Lanthandel - Orust

The popular Tavlebords Lanthandel, which perhaps could be called a markethall, is situated in the centre of Orustn next to Tavlebords Honeyfarm.

Local producers sell their items. The variety of things to buy here is large - something for all tastes!


They offer tasty food, clothing, ceramics, jewelry, vegetables, lambskins, candles, herbes, toys ... and much more!


Tofta Herrgård, Magasinet - Kungälv

Wonderful café and shop in the old grain storage on the estate of Tofta Manor. You will find lot's of  arts & crafts and other locally produced articles. The history of Tofta Manor goes all the way back to the 15th century.

kba-15-2859-a-foto-g-assner (1).jpg

Äskhults By - Kungsbacka

An untouched small village with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are several findings telling us that people have lived here in several thousands of years! The four farms are not painted at all and shimmer in beautiful silver grey shades. 

When land consolidation was done, these houses were not separated -which is unique in Sweden. In "Bengt's coffeecottage" you can enjoy very tasty cakes, cookies and sandwiches.


Garveriet, tasty & sustainable food

Garveriet opened in October 2018 and is truly an interesting new destination.  Here you will find a restaurang, a café, a shop selling local food, the local brewery Bearded Rabbit, rooms for meetings and courses. 


Hofsnäs Herrgård - Sydöst om Borås

The manor is situated in a beautiful nature reserve, next to a lake. The first mention of Hofsnäs Manor is dated  back to 1488!

On the estate one can find, a café bistro, there is a beach, grazing cattle and severatl paths.

But the main attractions apart from the manor is the absolute charming "Lilla Saluhallen, a small marketplace in an old barn and "Gammelgården" where artists offer their beautiful works. 


Jonsereds Trädgårdar - Partille

The garden is a free interpretation of the 19th century garden that was once situated here next to the Jonsered's Manor. The garden has four quarters with different themes and plantations.

The manor is beautifully situated next to the lake Aspen. 

2015 Jonsered's Gardens won the award "Sweden's most inspiring park", in the category newly founded parks and gardens. 


Nääs Fabriker - Lerum

The spinning machine and the mechanical looms were just invented when Mr Peter Wilhelm Berg in the year of 1833 started the Cotton Spinning factory. For more than 130 years the family successfully expanded and improved the factory.

Today you can enjoy several shops offering high quality products such as fashion, interior design, jewellry, delicacies and exhibitions. Of course there is also a cosy café!


Sundsby Säteri - Tjörn

The name Sundsby was mentioned in writings dated to1388! In todays main building, which was built in 1787, is a cosy old fashioned café and restaurant. 

In one of the wings is a small museum telling the story of Margareta Huitfeldt,

the famous owner of the manor also known as "The queen of Bohuslän".

You will find charming shops selling arts & crafts, a bakery and lovely kitchen gardens. In the nearby naturereserve there are beautiful walking trails..

170808-WR_Tjoloholm Augusti-2399.jpg

Tjolöholms Slott - Kungsbacka

The building of the castle was completed in 1904 and it's the premiere Arts & Crafts establishment in Scandinavia. Meaning a sincere love for high quality materials and crafts.

The castle is beautifully situated close to the sea and a nature reserve. And has it's own beach (feel free to take a swim!) On the premises you will also find a small church and museums.

Furthermore, the shop offers beautiful gifts, souvenirs and confectionery.


Töllås Fårgård - Orust

This sheepfarm has a charming shop tempting us with lot's of delicious food, such as sausages, chutneys, herbes, marmalades, woolen products, lambskins.

The café offer home baked cakes and pies - which you enjoy either outside among flowers and trees or inside in the nice former henhouse. 

In the yard you will meet several ducks, and closeby the pigs root around in the soil - all being watched by the dog!