Daytour: Visits to 3 lovely islands

Daytour to 3 gorgeous islands on the west coast of Sweden. During the day we'll have a delicious lunch on island Lyr, at restaurant Bryggvingen - with astonishing view! On our way we'll enjoy cosy cafés and have the chance to enjoy locally produced arts & crafts and delicacies in beautiful scenery.
Utflykten är ej längre tillgänglig / The tour is no longer available
Daytour: Visits to 3 lovely islands

Pick up & drop off

26 Oct 2019, 10:00 – 17:30
Bryggvingen, Lyr-Äng 830, 474 96 Nösund, Sverige

Practical info


Om ni önskar boka barnbiljetter vänligen gå till sidan "Kontakt" för att boka HELA sällskapets biljetter i formuläret. Alternativt kan ni självklart skriva till eller ringa oss på 031-363 65 15. (Glöm inte ange barnets vikt om ni önskar låna bilbarnstol!)

Du kan betala kontant eller med swish vid resans start. Det går också bra att betala i förväg till bankgiro: 524-8356.

Priser för barn: 0-2 år 60 kr, 3-10 år 240 kr (barnportion), 11-15 år 440 kr.


When Booking in English please select the number of tickets you would like and then press "Kassa" (Checkout). After filling in your information and clicking "Continue", it will display "Manuell betalning" (manual payment). You can pay at the start of the tour with one of these three options*:

  • Cash
  • Swish

* If you prefer to transfer to our bank account please get in touch with us to have IBAN and BIC numbers.

If you wish to book tickets for children please go to the "Contact" page to book the ENTIRE party's tickets in the form. You can of course also choose to send an e-mail to or give us a call at 031-363 65 15! (Please state weight of child if you need to borrow childcarseat.)

Prices for children:  0-2 years 60 kr, 3-10 years 240 kr (child portion), 11-15 years 440 kr.

  • Vuxen / Adult
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