This is where you'll find desinations that we might visit during a year.

We adjust our tours to season, holidays and news.

 You can hopefully find inspiration for your own customized tour here as well.

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Abecita Museum of Modern Art & Photography - Borås

Abecita Museum of modern art shows mainly graphical art and photography from Europe and USA - and awarded Nordic Textile Art.

With it's approximately 500 pieces it is unique in Europe and is being represented by about 30 artists' work, from 1961 until present date.​

Abecita Museum of art shows their collection on three floors on a total amount of 2400 m²!

It is truly worth a visit - or several - as the exhibitions always have high standards.


Bohus Fortress

- in Kungälv

The Bohus Fortress was built in 1308 and 14 times enemies have tried to besiege it  – a nordic record – but the fortress has never been conquered by violence. Kings, queens, knights, prisoners, nobless, "witches", soldiers and maids - they have all lived in the mighty Bohus Fortress.

The fortress is beautifully situated next to two rivers, Göta & Nordre Älv, only 20 km north of Gothenburg. Next to the fortress you'll find the old charming parts of Kungälv.


Garveriet Food-destination

- 25 km northeast Göteborg

Garveriet opened in 2018 in Floda, 30 km northeast of Gothenburg and is truly an interesting new food destination. It has already become a wellknown and price awarded meeting point.  

Here you will find a restaurang, a café, a shop selling local food, the local brewery Bearded Rabbit, rooms for meetings and courses.

Garveriet's aime is to gather and spread knowledge about sustainable organic food production - and serving delicious food of course!


Hamra Farm

- in Kungsbacka area

The first Hamra Farm was situated on this estate in the 17th century! The farm is about 40 min drive south of Gothenburg, close to Tjolöholm's Castle.

The animals at Hamra Farm are truly raised with much love. The farm sell lamb- and pork meat, charcuteries and some real tasty homemade accessories.

You will also find beautiful lambskins, yarn & woolen products in their farm shop as well as organic handicraft and other products such as flour, juices, herbals, chutneys, bread and cookies.


Håvs Lamb & Delicacies 

- on island Orust

The sheeps and lambs are grazing freely on the meadows around Håvs. The farm is situated inlands on the island Orust, which is one hour's drive northwest of Gothenburg, connected to the mainland by bridges.


In the farmshop they sell meat from lamb, beef, game, charcuteries, organic delicacies such as cheeses, jam and chutney. They also offer flour, rapeseed oil and grits, from local producers or their own farm. Håvs' charcuteries have been awarded several times!


Jonsered's Gardens

- just outside Göteborg

The garden is a free interpretation of the 19th century garden that was once situated here next to the Jonsered's Manor. Jonsered is only 20 min drive from Gothenburg.

The garde is partly run as "green rehabilitation". The manor and park is beautifully situated next to the lake Aspen.

In the garden there is a café and a lovely shop selling flowers and decorations. Next to the entrance you will find "The Gatecottage", offering arts & crafts and showing exhibitions.  


Lottas Bak & Form bakery & café by the sea on Tjörn

A very charming sourdough bakery next to the sea on the southwest coast of the island of Tjörn.

The bakery is well known, much loved and even the paper The Guardian has written about it.

Lotta and her staff bake tasty sourdough bread, buns and delicious cakes. The flour they use is organic and is produced at local mills. 

You will be greeted with a friendly smile and can enjoy your "fika" while admiring the view from inside or by the sea in summer.


Marketa Ceramics

- in Kungälv area

Potter Marketa Schätzova's shop/gallery and studio is situated in a cute cottage in Tjuvkil, close to the coast on the way to the famous island Marstrand.

”My recent pottery is wood fired and salt glazed. It is very much connected to the West Coast of Sweden, in its colors and ingrediens of my glazes.


Most of the glazes are mixed from ashes of the local trees like birch, apple, chestnut and others, grown in the local environment on the West Coast." 


Moriks Sheepfarm

- on island Tjörn

Moriks Sheepfarm is like an oasis with happily grazing sheeps and a cock with his hens strolling in the yard - with a view over the meadows and in the distance the lovely west sea.

The farm, that is situated on the southwest coast of Tjörn, has recently started a very cosy farmshop. Moriks offer for example beautiful locally produced handicrafts, delicacies, hygiene products, deorations, lambskins - all organic! 

There is also a small cafe´with freshly homemade cake.


Nääs Fabriker  - unique experience & shopping

The spinning machine and the mechanical looms were just invented in the year of 1833 when the Cotton Spinning factory started. For more than 130 years it was successfully run. 

The factories, 30 km from Gothenburg, have been transformed into an area where you can enjoy shops offering high quality products in fashion, interior design, jewellery, delicacies and exhibitions.

Of course there are also cosy cafés! All close to a modern hotel and the beautiful lake Sävelången!


Pilane Sculpture Park & Burial ground - Tjörn

Nominated as one of Europe’s 10 best sculpture parks! The sculpture park has been displaying art works by leading artists from round the globe since 2007. There are new pieces  each summer, but a few are kept, like "Anna" by Jaume Plensa, (picture above). There are sheeps grazing among the sculptures in the beautiful area. The view from the top is gorgeous! 4500 years old traces of settlement have been found here. You can see parts of graves and stone circles known as “judges’ rings”, dated to 500 years B.C.


Silverwijk Jewelry

- on island Tjörn

Wijks Jewelry & Silverware, on beautiful island Tjörn, is owned by silversmith Emelie Wijk. She is well known for her fantastic works, mostly in silver.

She also works with other materials; such as gold, glass and copper.

Next to her charming working studio on Tjörn, she has a boutique. You will not only find jewelry here, but also lovely products for your home. 

Emelies's products are also available in her shop at nearby Sundsby Manor.


Stora Holm Manor

- Gothenburg

The manor has during the years transformed from being the largest farm on Hisingen, with a large settlement of cows and horses, to nowadays being a much liked destination for excursions. 


The Manor has some unique shops selling high quality products such as interior decorations and ceramics and the Restaurant Franska Skafferiet (The French Pantry) serves tasty food. 

Stora Holm also arranges for example markets and exhibitions.


Tavlebord's Honeyfarm

- on island Orust

Tavlebord's Honeyfarm has an interesting exhibition about bees and their fascinating lives, as well as a hive behind glass. Take a close look at these for us so very important insects! Tavlebord's Honeyfarm has the first café on Orust that was "eco-certified". Everything in the café is of course organic and baked in their own bakery at the farm.

In the farmshop you can find a wide range of health products, gifts, candy, chocolate - and much more, most of it with honey as the main ingredient!


Thorskogs Grand Manor House - 43 km from Göteobrg

A visit to Thorskogs Grand Manor House is a true delight to all senses!

The beauty, the service and the cuisine is such a treat. The fascinating house was built in 1892 by the owner of the nearby shipyard, Mr Petter Larsson. He started his business in 1865 and it became a very successful company.


​Over the years the fairytale like "castle" has been the home of numerous prestigious guests including; George & Barbara Bush, Michail Gorbachov, John Major, Benazir Bhutto, and F.W de Klerk.


Tjörn island

- 50 km northwest Göteborg

The Tjörn municipality consists of more than 1500 smaller islands and islets. The inhabitants are approx. 16000 - during summer the population doubles as thousands of people flock to the west coast of Sweden!

In central town Skärhamn you will find  famous The Nordic Watercolour Museum, a lively port, arts & crafts, restaurants and cafés. Tjörn is also known for their swimming areas, stunning views, Pilane Sculpture Park, Sundsby Manor, beautiful scenery and fishing villages. 

butik_frontbild 2014.jpg

Töllås Sheepfarm

- on island Orust

This sheepfarm has a charming shop tempting us with lot's of homemade and local delicious food, such as sausages, chutneys, herbes, marmalades, woolen products and lambskins.​ You can choose which vegetables to buy directly from the kitchen garden.

The café offer home baked cakes & pies - which you can enjoy outside among lovely flowers or inside in the nice former henhouse. 

In the yard you might encounter ducks and closeby the pigs root around in the soil!


Äskhult's Hamlet

- in Kungsbacka area

An untouched small "hamlet" with roots in the 17th and 18th centuries. There are several findings telling that people have lived here in several thousands of years!

The four unpainted farms shimmer in silver grey shades - all in truly beautiful scenery, close to a lake. Several trails are offered enabling you to enjoy the fantastic nature. During the warmer part of the year you can enjoy the farming and animals - all taken care of in old fashioned traditional ways.

In cosy "Bengt's coffeecottage" you can enjoy tasty cakes & sandwiches and you can join guided tours telling the fascinating story of life in Äskhult.




The world-unique installation consists of an underground hangar, completed in 1955, extending over 22,000 m2.  Aeroseum shows the history and development of aviation - from Icarus to the modern aircraft of today.


It's a hands-on aviation activity centre, where you can experience the sense of flying with all your senses. Visitors are able, apart from seeing the displayed aircraft and aviation-oriented items, to construct, restore, virtually fly and even actually fly old aircraft and helicopters.

Carlstens Fastning en bit ifran.jpg

Carlsten's Fortress

- on island Marstrand

Carlsten's Fortress sits majestically on the highest point on the charming island Marstrand, only 50 km northwest of Gothenburg.

When peace was agreed upon in 1658, the area Bohuslän became Swedish Marstrand  was an important place for commerce since long.

To be able to defend Marstrand King Carl X Gustav arranged so that a fortress was built - by prisoners - on the highest point of the island and in 1860 it was ready.


Gullholmen & Härmanö -  islands next to island Orust

Gullholmen is the island in the Swedish archipelago which the most densely built. A short ferry ride from bigger island Orust takes you here.

The atmosphere on Gullholmen is relaxed and genuine. Much of the old caracteristics is preserved with fishing huts in the hamlet. 

You can visit a small museum and a couple of restaurants in summertime.

A few steps away is the island Härmanö, a well known nature reserve with incredible beauty, walking paths and plenty of swimming opportunities.

Photo cred: Charlotta Andersson


Hofsnäs Manor & Market Hall - southeast of Borås 

The Hofsnäs Manor is situated in a beautiful nature reserve, with a large lake on both sides of the peninsula. 

On the estate you will find, a café and bistro, a beach, grazing cattle and several lovely paths.

The main attractions apart from the manor are charming "Lilla Saluhallen, a small marketplace in a former barn filled with local delicious food and handicraft - and next door is "Gammelgården", where 20 artists offer various kinds of handicraft. 


Härön - small island next to bigger island Tjörn

The tiny cute village Kyrkesund is situated on the west coast of the island Tjörn. And from there you can take a very short ferryride to the small beautiful island Härön.

Take a walk around the island or a swim in the lovely sea. Enjoy the amazing views of the archipelago as well as the old houses in this charming fishing hamlet.

When you're hungry you can have a meal or fika at restaurant Magasinet - which sits right next to the narrow strait where several boats pass by.


Klädesholmen - island next to bigger island Tjörn

Klädesholmen was inhabited already in the 13th century. When a Norwegian bishop passed the island in the 16th century, he already at hat time described it as "an old fishing village"!


Klädesholmen is a small island with relaxed atmosphere, that is connected to Tjörn with a bridge. There are several real nice spots to take a swim from, amazing views over the sea, a couple of charming restaurants, narrow streets and beautiful caracteristic wooden houses. And - a herring museum!


Lödöse Museum

- 40 km north of Göteborg

When travelling north along the Göta River to The Lödöse Museum one can truly feel the echoes of medeival times!


It is hard to understand that in the medeival times one of Sweden's largest cities was situated here, an important trade and shipping city - and the predecessor to the city of Göteborg.

Today here is a modern museum with interesting archeological findings, shop, café and all the amazing information one can wish for. 



- island in Kungälv area

Marstrand was founded in the beginning of the 13th century! The island offers historic sights, shopping,  cafées, arts & crafts, bars, restaurants, great swimming opportunities - and in summer a flourishing marina with beautiful boats.

There are also several paths on the island, with breathtaking views over the sea!

The most famous attraction on Marstrand, apart from world class sailing competions, is probably Carlstens Fortress which also gives Marstrand it's famous silhouette. 


Nordens Ark - unique zoo with endangered species

Nordens Ark is situated next to the sea and the scenery is beautiful. The enclosures are large and of course carefully planned to suit different species.​ Nordens Ark can be translated to The Ark of the North. Once you have visited and read a bit about the amazing zoo you will realize why they have chosen that name. 

If you wish to, you can join presentations such as "Carnivore of the day" and "Farm life".

You can have tasty local food at the restaurant and fika at the café.


Nääs Castle

- 30 km northeast Göteborg

Nääs Castle has probably the most complete 19th century interior - it has not been altered at all since the last owners lived here. One can trace the owners of the castle all the way back to the 16th century. The oldest parts of the present castle is from the 17th century.

Next to the castle there is a nice park, a lovely lake, a stable, a cosy café and restaurant. On the estate is a naturereserve, a nice small beach and several unique amazing houses. In one of them, you will find the gallery, café and shop Nääs Arts & Crafts. 


Råda Säteri - 18th century Manor, close to Gothenburg

Råda manor is located in the beautiful landscape at Rådasjön in Härryda municipality just outside Gothenburg.


The manor house has a rich and exciting history, which probably started already in the 1300s. The main house was built in 1772 and has played host to several well-known families in the modern Swedish history. In 1923 even Albert Einstein visited! 
Take a stroll in the garden, a swim in the lake, admire the kitchen gardens or enjoy meals or fika in the garden cafe. 


Skärhamn, seaside town

- on island Tjörn

In the central town of Tjörn municipality Skärhamn, you will find a lovely, in summer thriving, harbour, for both fishing vessels and private boats of all kinds. Here are shops and galleries tempting you with arts & crafts, interior decorations and clothing. And of course real nice restaurants and cafés - all with a lovely sea view!


Skärhamn has 3500 inhabitants, but in summer the population doubles as there are many tourists and summerguests who love Skärhamn.  


Sundsby Manor

- on island Tjörn

The name Sundsby was mentioned in writings dated to the year 1388! 

In the main building, dated1787, is a cosy old fashioned café and restaurant serving tasty food and pastry. In one of the wings is a small museum telling the story of Margareta Huitfeldt, the famous owner of the manor - also known as "The queen of Bohuslän".

You will find charming shops selling crafts & decorations, a bakery and lovely kitchen gardens. In the nearby naturereserve there are beautiful walking trails.


Tavlebord's "Country store"

- on island Orust

Next to Tavlebord's Honeyfarm we'll find the popular Tavlebords Lanthandel, which perhaps could be called a markethall. 

The variety of things to buy here is large - something for all tastes - all from local producers of food and handicraft.

They offer local tasty food, such as herbes, vegetables, marmelades, bread, lemonades well as local clothing, ceramics, jewelry, leather works, lambskins, candles, toys, sweets ... and much more!


Tintin Scandinavian Jewellery - on island Dyrön

Industridesignern och guld- & silversmeden Tintin Hallding påbörjade sin utbildning till guld- och silversmed 1986 och sedan 1994 har Tintin ägnat sig åt sitt eget företag på heltid.

Hon bor på Stora Dyrön och det är här med närheten till havet som idéerna tar form och ger avtryck i hennes smycken. Precision och lekfullhet går som en röd tråd genom hennes skapande.Tintin tillverkar alla smycken för hand med ett gediget hantverkskunnande och stor känsla för form och material.


Tofta Manor Magasinet,

-  in Kungälv area

Truly charming café and farmshop in the old grain storage Magasinet, on the estate of Tofta Manor. The history of Tofta Manor goes all the way back to the 15th century!

You will find lot's of arts & crafts , delicacies and other locally produced articles in Magasinet.

The garden and the scenery surrounding the farm and Manor is really beautiful and a short walk from the lovely west sea.

In summertime there is plenty of space also outside for eating, having coffee or playing with kids!


Zanzibar Café, B&B

& Smokery - in Kungälv area

An invigorating mix of organic café /bistro, smokery and small farmshop - and exhibition of photography by the owner and proffessional nature photographer Annelie Utter. The atmosphere at Zanzibar B&B is laid back - with influences from Africa.

In the yard hens, chickens and ducks are strolling around. Zanzibar has an old fashioned smokery, where they smoke delicious salmon & shrimps, also served in the bistro.

Homemaid aioli and sauce of cloudberries anyone?


Bearded Rabbit Brewery

- 25 km northeast Göteborg

Bearded Rabbit built their own brewery and brewerypub during autumn 2018, in the price awarded food destination Garveriet - which is a former tanning factory.

Garveriet is a charming interesting destination focusing on high quality sustainable locally produced food. 

The brewery is now tested and ready to produce their much loved beers. 


The brewery have special "days for testing" or you can book a special visit. 


Dyrön - island next to

bigger island Tjörn

A short but lovely ferry ride takes us from the island Tjörn to Dyrön, where the scenery is irresistibly beautiful and of changing character.

 From the highest points you have an amazing view of the archipelago and the picturesque small island Åstol  The paths are well marked and maintained.

On Dyrön you will also find two ports, café, a silversmith/jewellery designer, a gallery, minigolf course, beaches and local, organic and tasty food at the restaurant. 

Photo cred: Katja Ragnstam


Gunnebo House & Gardens - 10 km from Gothenburg

Gunnebo House & Gardens is one of Sweden's most well kept 18th century establishments. The castle was built as a summer villa for one of the wealthiest men in the country, Mr John Hall. The castle is situated in a lovely area, between two lakes, just a few kilometres outside Gothenburg, in Mölndal municipality.

You will find kitchen gardens, parks and paths, a small farm, a shop selling high quality gifts and souvenirs, a restaurant and café - serving delicious organic food. 

Photo cred: Happy Visuals


The House of the Glass

southeast of Borås

Limmareds Glasbruk, Sweden's oldest now running glassworks, founded in 1740, is located near The House of the Glass, in Swedish "Glasets hus".​

The story began in the 18th century when a former officer of King Karl XII's army, saw the opportunity in the nature in the area to run a glassworks.

Glasets Hus has become a popular destination to visit. They offer  a museum, a shop and you can enjoy watching the glassworkers blow amazing products. They also have a very nice restaurant and café.


Inland's Brewery

- opposite island Marstrand

Inland is the name of the region that once covered all of south Bohuslän. A landscape filled with beautiful scenery, farming areas and a thriving archipelago. 

The interesting history in the area inspires the brewery when producing the beer. The bottles tell about exciting stories, events and people of passed times.

The brewery has in short time become very popular and is situated close to the sea, opposite of the much island Marstrand.


Lilla Spinneriet - restaurant

18 km south of Göteborg

Lilla Spinneriet (which means Little Spinning factory) is a very much liked restaurant. In a beautiful and cosy environment they offer innovative, delicious and beautifully decorated food in the restaurant, café, bakery and shop. 

They focus on the vegetables in season and as good as always use organic products. 

Lilla Spinneriet is neighbour to the chaming Spinneriet - a unique area for quality shopping in the former factory.


Manu Factus - all about wool

- on island Orust

Beautifully situated 3 m from the sea, on the island Orust, in former Allmags Shipyard, we will find Manu Factus.

In their workshop they process high quality Swedish wool, with much respect for the environment.

They have a 6 tons heavy carding machine in their workshop.

The shop offers wool in various colours and qualities, packages of material and handcrafted woolen products.

When visiting Manu Factus we can also get a taste of the traditional Bohuslän-dish "egg-cheese".



- on island Orust

Mollösund is a charming genuine fishing village on the southwest coast of the island Orust.

In summertime one can enjoy the sight of hundreds of boats passing by in the passage between the island Mollön and the village. 

At the port there are some popular restaurants, cafés and a small museum telling the story of the fishermen that once made the village flourish. In the 17th century Mollösund was the biggest fishing village in Sweden. 

Photo cred: Göran Assner


The Nordic Watercolour Museum - on island Tjörn

Nordiska Akvarellmuseet, in English The Nordic Watercolour Museum, is situated, in a spectacular building, extremely beautiful almost on the sea.

With a wonderful view over the sea and cliffs, they show world class exhibitions - from both Swedish and international artists

In their "open studio", you can realize your artistic dreams - brushes and paint are at your disposal.There is of course a nice shop in the museum, a café and the well thought of restaurant, "Vatten". Photo cred: AnderArena


Orust - Island 60 km northwest of Göteborg

Orust is the fourth largest island in Sweden and has approx. 15 000 inhabitants. In summertime the population doubles, as the owners of summerhouses and tourists head for the loved west coast. Apart from being a popular vacation destination Orust is known for their building of boats, farming and fishing.

The island has much to offer; genuine fishing villages, lovely swimming areas, producers of handicraft and organic food of several kinds. The scenery is beautiful and vary from sea and unique west coast cliffs to forest and lakes.


Sasioglu Design & Jewelry

- in Kungälv area

Eva Sasioglu is a well established jewellry designer /artist. Her lovely jewelry is always designed by herself.

Organic forms are put together with pearls and gems. Often combined with an unique attractive, and some times humourus, detail.

Eva mostly works with silver, but sometimes gold as well. She has her   working studio and small shop in Tjuvkil on the way to the famous island Marstrand.

Spinneriet Lindome.jpg

Spinneriet in Lindome - Unique experience & shopping

Spinneriet is a historic building, a former spinning factory from the 19th century, 18 km south of Göteborg.

Today designers, photographers, interior decorators, bloggers and other kinds of creators make this a unique house full of fantastic products and enjoyable atmosphere.

You will surely find inspiration among the unique designs, fashion, interior decorations, arts & crafts - and much more! The restaurant next door called Lilla Spinneriet is well known for it's delicious food and pastry.


Surte Glassworks Museum

- 15 km north of Göteborg

Artists and handicrafters have succeeded in recreating an environment telling us about both the glassworks and the village so closely connected  to it.

At Surte glassworks museum you can experience a true part of Swedish industrial history. In the museum area you will find a charming café, a shop selling unique glass products and temporary exhibitions with arts & crafts. Did you know that the man who is called Father of the Coke-bottle started his career here?​

Couple- Photo Cred Faramarz (1).jpg

Textile Fashion Center

- in Borås

The collections of the museum are Sweden's most important source for knowledge regarding the textile industry from the 1870's until today.

Also historic and modern textiles, fashion, handicraft and art are among their items. On November 30, 2019 the amazing exhibition "Gianni Versace Retrospective" opened up.

"The fashion designer Gianni Versace was a true pioneer, and at the end of the twentieth century challenged the fashion industry with his trailblazing designs."

KS_Tjoloholm_29052018_2755 - kopia.jpg

Tjolöholm's Castle

- Kungsbacka area

The castle, that was completed in 1904, is the premiere Arts & Crafts establish-ment in Scandinavia - meaning a sincere love for high quality materials and crafts.​ It's beautifully situated close to the sea, a nature reserve and has it's own beach! On the premises you'll also find a church, small museums, café, restaurant and playarea both in- & outside. Furthermore, the shop offers beautiful gifts & souvenirs.

The main exhibition 2020 is: "Dresses and decadence - The stylish 1920´s" - in cooperation with Fashion and Textile Museum i London.  


Torpa Castle

- southeast of Borås

This is where the famous Swedish King Gustav Vasa in the 16th century first met Miss Stenbock, who became his third and last wife!​ Torpa Stenhus is a privately owned estate, in the same family since the 15th century! 

The castle is beautifully situated at a lake and  the first part of the castle was built around 1470.  With it's unique architecture and beautiful interiors Torpa Stenhus counts among the best preserved medieval castles of the nation.

Café and restaurant serves delicious meals & yummy fika!


Åstol - tiny island close to bigger island Tjörn

Åstol is a small unique "rock-island", much loved and talked about,

off the southwest coast of Tjörn.

To get there we park the car on Tjörn and go by ferry a short ride. Åstol is a tranquil island and the houses are built closely together. The island has been inhabited since the 18th century, at which time the fishing of herring was flourishing. There are of course plenty of opportunities to take a swim from the beautiful cliffs- or simply indulge in spectacular views! In summertime it's a popular destination for both sailors and summerguests.

Photo cred: Jonas Ingman