Unique minitours by minibus

Unique Visit offers tours to gems in the areas surrounding Gothenburg - all year round. 

As we travel in small groups we can offer excellent service and unique tours.

Together we create memories - Welcome to join us!

Vi översätter vår hemsida till att vara bara på engelska och ber därför om ert tålamod.

OBS - Skulle du vilja få information på svenska - kontakta oss så ordnar vi självfallet det!  

Please note - We are converting our website to be entirely in English, therfore we ask for you patience. 

Our tours will from now on be presented only in English! 



Do you want to customize a tour?

Please contact us and we'll  help you plan your unique tour!

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About Unique Visit
- West Sweden
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We love to create good memories, toghether with our customers. Unique Visit takes you by minibus to amazing manors, castles, exhibitions, cafés, gardens, arts & crafts -

and food artisans that are located in the regions surrounding Gothenburg. Or as we locals say; Göteborg. 

+46 (0)31-363 65 15

Göteborg - Sweden


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